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What’s Available


Cocina 66 participant during the Summer 2023 graduation ceremony.


I will connect the Hispanic business community with your services and programs.

I will be a fierce advocate for a program or resource the community can benefit from. I can also expand your current offer portfolio by converting your current programs into a language and culturally sensitive format. I will be your trusted advisor as you embark on an outreach journey.

My work

Collaborated with the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation to create Cocina 66 which has now become part of the Foundation's regular programming. Cocina 66, the Spanish version of the Kitchen 66 Launch Program, helps Latinx food entrepreneurs in Tulsa launch their food concepts. Cocina 66 is breaking down barriers for Hispanic entrepreneurs with big ideas. The program is a translated Spanish version of the Kitchen 66 Launch Program, which has been helping food entrepreneurs in Tulsa launch their concepts since 2016. The of the Cocina 66 participants get access to skills ranging from marketing and public relations to securing business financing and permits.


I will work tirelessly to ensure all have equitable access to capital.

I am passionate about access to capital for small businesses and minorities. I will share my expertise in traditional and non-traditional lending to ensure small businesses and minorities have equal access to capital opportunities.

My work

My role as a former board member at Growing Together, grew to a consultant role as they launched Avanzando Juntos. My work there included:

1. Educational Empowerment: Tailored Curriculum and Comprehensive Workshops
2. Personalize mentoring to Latino Small Business owners AJ clients
3. Microloan Program: Empowering Entrepreneurship through Financial Support

4. Community Outreach and Partnerships: Building a Supportive Ecosystem
5. Training and Capacity Building: Strengthening Organizational Capabilities


I believe a thriving Tulsa benefits all of us, and I want to be part of each step forward.

I love Tulsa and the opportunities it offers. For that reason I have

served on many boards and commissions, where I use my platform to advocate for affordable housing, support for immigrants, inclusive economic development, and community non-profits that make our city better each day.

My work

As a Trustee for the Board of Partner Tulsa, formerly TAEO (Tulsa Authority for Economic Development), I've contributed particularly to initiatives that support immigrant businesses and to sharing my knowledge around housing and lending to the work in the housing space. I am fully vested in its mission of Growing An Economy With Opportunity For All.


Knowledge shouldn't be guarded, it should be shared, especially among women. 

Women shouldn't be afraid to take up space. 

As a public speaker, I seek to motivate, inspire and share my story and my knowledge. 

Speaking Engagements

SCORE Women's Leadership Conference - December 2022

WHOW Empower Hours - August 2023

Tulsa Latina Leaders Conference - September 2023

Inclusion and Diversity Summit - September 2023

Success Becomes Her Women's Conference - 2023

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