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I believe community work should come from the heart, and should be aligned with your gifts. During my time living in Tulsa, I have served in many boards and committees, I will forever be an advocate for Tulsa, the immigrant community, and the minority entrepreneurs that are the heart of our business community.



- Elian Hurtado - Business and Entrepreneurship Consultant

La Cosecha

Board Member

La Cosecha provides members of our community in need with groceries and other essential items on a weekly basis. An average family of four receives a week's worth of food at each disbursement. Additionally, La Cosecha stocks a clothing and furniture pantry. Recently, La Cosecha was gifted the opportunity to provide financial assistance to our undocumented clients through a partnership with the Tulsa Immigrant Relief Fund.


Board Member

I am truly excited and proud to be a board member during the addition of a new YWCA branch in east Tulsa. The fully bilingual staff and the location on the East Central High School grounds, will upgrade the quality of life of East Tulsa residents of all ages.



As a woman, a Latina, and entrepreneur and a cancer survivor all in one, I am and forever will be a champion for women. Vest Her is a great fit for my life's work and commitment to community.


Partner Tulsa

Board Member

I believe it is important to represent my community, and to share a different point of view.  PartnerTulsa shares my vision in creating opportunities for all.

I am excited about developments in East Tulsa and the expansion of the PartnerTulsa team to include bilingual staff members. As an advocate for programs and resources for the Hispanic community, I am excited to see Tulsa embrace inclusive outreach.

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